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  • Modulo per richiedere una licenza comunitaria (Community Licence)

    Modulo per richiedere una licenza comunitaria (Community Licence)

    Inserisci le informazioni relative al tuo torneo di Super Smash Bros. Ultimate qui sotto.

    Thank you for submitting your Community Licence request for your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament!

    If your tournament information was submitted incorrectly or changes during the course of our review process, please submit a new Community Licence request with the most up-to-date information.

    To correct any data entered, click within a field and correct input as required. To cancel the submission process, close your browser tab.

    All fields are required to submit your request.

    Tournament information

    Earliest available start date for tournament is two weeks from today.

    (minimum 500x500px, JPG/PNG only)

    Your tournament logo must not contain any logo, icon, official artwork or fan-art from any of Nintendo's IP (Super Smash Bros., Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda etc.) It also must not contain any copyrighted work from other companies. Your tournament will be rejected if your logo does not adhere to these conditions.

    Organiser information

    Please download and read the Community Licence Agreement before submitting your request.

    Please note: the Community Licence Agreement is available only in English.

    I accept the Community Licence Agreement.

    Per inviare una richiesta devi eseguire l'accesso al tuo account Nintendo.